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Paying it forward

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Are you ready for cooler weather? I see so many homeless people on street corners begging for money. When colder weather comes maybe a gift card for food or coffee is something we can do rather than give money. I know many of us think, "am I contributing to a drug habit"? Who really knows? No judgement just pay it forward. Great opportunity to give someone in need without guilt!


n opportunity to help people and not feel guilty for passing them by

Iced Coffee Anyone?

Do you spend a lot of money iced coffee beverages?  Do you know you can brew Cold press at home with a "Toddy" Brewer. One 12 ounce package of your favorite ground coffee brews 64 ounces of Cold Press.  It only takes 2 ounces of cold brew to make a delicious Iced Coffee. Use 2 [...]

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Coffee Flour?????

Yes, coffee flour that can be used for cooking and baking even chocolate making!Belliveau, a man fired from Starbucks because he wanted to change facility operations, discovered waste from production could be used to create a new product. There is so much waste from a harvest and cannot all be used for fertilizer.He turned the pulp [...]

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Newly discovered protein in coffee has affects similar to morphine

This newly discovered protein has an effect similar to morphine and was discovered while searching for and combining coffee genes to affect the quality of coffee.This Research was conducted by Philipe Venicky of the Molecular Biology Department at the University of Brasilia in cooperation with the Genetics and Biotechnology Division of the state owned agriculture and livestock [...]

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Coffee Samplings

Asplund Coffee will be Sampling Fair Trade Organic coffee today at Seward Co-op on 27th and Franklin.Seward is surrounded by several colleges and hospitals bringing very diverse customers from other countries and other parts of the countryIf you want to experience an exciting co-op, this is the one to visit. The staff are educated on [...]

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All these certifications, what do they mean?!

Lets begin with Fair-trade.The symbol below is the Fair Trade USA symbol to look for on coffee labels. Fair Trade coffee means workers are paid a fair price for their arduous labor of picking and processing the beans, right? Yes but It means much more than that. Fair Trade Certified means the coffee is produced with respect [...]

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How is your Coffee's Report Card?

Do you walk the grocery aisles looking for that perfect coffee? Do you know which brand to choose without tasting it? There are so many on the shelf and at low to high prices. I will try to enlighten you in this blog. Great Coffee is determined by the grade of which there are five. Coffee grading is [...]

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Asplund Coffee has a new look!

Asplund Coffee is excited to launch its newest product packaging! Our new look reflects a continued commitment to farmer and earth friendly products and packaging. Only the best 100% Arabica Grade 1 beans become part of our coffee! No fillers or low quality beans - ever! Our blends are carefully blended and cupped for an amazing [...]

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    Are you ready for cooler weather? I see so many homeless people on street …

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    Do you spend a lot of money iced coffee beverages?  Do you know you can …