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All these certifications, what do they mean?!

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Lets begin with Fair-trade.

The symbol below is the Fair Trade USA symbol to look for on coffee labels. Fair Trade coffee means workers are paid a fair price for their arduous labor of picking and processing the beans, right? Yes but It means much more than that. Fair Trade Certified means the coffee is produced with respect to the workers and the planet. It promotes safety and healthy working conditions and protects the environment. It also helps to promote and empower the communities to build strong thriving businesses. This certification adds to the cost of the finished product, but produces a much better product.

Organic USDA Certified

The symbol below is the USDA Certified Organic to look for on coffee labels. If you see this seal on coffee, it means it must be grown without synthetic fertilizers, the use of pesticides, genetically modified organisms and must not be processed using industrial solvents.The purpose of certification is to identify suppliers of products approved for use in certified facilities.This is very important to consumers who want assurance the product they purchase is indeed Certified Organic.This certification adds to the cost of the finished product, but produces a much better and safer product.

Kosher Certified

 Kosher means that the food product and all included ingredients conform to the body of law that deals with the processing and preparation of food that can be consumed by Jewish people. It does not mean that it has been blessed by the Rabbi, this is a mistaken belief. This adds to the cost of the finished product.


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