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Coffee Flour?????

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Yes, coffee flour that can be used for cooking and baking even chocolate making!

Belliveau, a man fired from Starbucks because he wanted to change facility operations, discovered waste from production could be used to create a new product. There is so much waste from a harvest and cannot all be used for fertilizer.

He turned the pulp into flour which has more fiber than whole-grain flour, more protein than kale, more potassium than bananas and more iron than spinach.....plus it's gluten free! 

Chef Jason Wilson of Seattle, says "Coffee flour brightens the flavor of existing ingredients, much like vinegar or fat."

Despite the fact that it is called Coffee flour, it won't give you the shakes. The amount of caffeine in a typical coffee flour is just 12% to 15% of a cup of coffee.

Article responsible for information:

Daily News: Meredith Engel / March 14 2015

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