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How is your Coffee's Report Card?

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Do you walk the grocery aisles looking for that perfect coffee? Do you know which brand to choose without tasting it? There are so many on the shelf and at low to high prices. I will try to enlighten you in this blog. Great Coffee is determined by the grade of which there are five. Coffee grading is a method to compare coffee beans by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. These grades determine the quality and taste when brewed.

Specialty Grade Green Coffee Grade (1)

These beans have 0-3 defects in 300 grams with No Primary defects allowed and no taints or faults allowed. These  beans must have at least one characteristic in the body, flavor, aroma or acidity (brightness). These coffees have great flavor, aroma with a wonderful finish. Distinctively different!  ASPLUND COFFEE

Premium Coffee Grade (2)

This grade should have no more than 8 full defects in 300 grams. Primary defects are permitted. Same attributes as Grade one. Some bitter, sour notes can be detected when brewed

Exchange Coffee Beans Grade Grade (3)

These beans are allowed 9-23 in 300 grams defects no cup faults are permitted. Can taste tainted, bitter, sometimes, sour notes when brewed.

Below Standard Coffee Grade (4)

24-86 Defects in 300 grams 

Can be used in Commercial grade coffees.

Off Grade Coffee Grade 5

More than 86 defects in 300 grams

I would not drink it!

Grading information taken from SCAA

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