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Brew Cup Adapter


Love the convenience of your single serve coffee but hate the plastic? We've got a great solution for you!

The brew cup adapter enables Asplund fair trade, organic, sustainable, and kosher certified coffee pods to be brewed in single serve coffee machines just like the popular single serve cups on the market. Asplund coffee pods are 100% compostable. In fact, you can grow plants using coffee grounds! Check out the tomato plant started from a seed placed in the coffee pod.



Our adapter is reuasable for at least 1,500 brew cycles and is 100% recyclable!  Enjoy freshly roasted coffee without creating more plastic for landfills.

2 adapters per order.

Brew Instructions

  1. Pinch pod into a ball.
  2. Place pod into brew cup adapter with printed side down. Pod should completely fit inside adapter with small crown at the top.
  3. Replace adapter lid and place into single serve brewer.
  4. Follow brewer instructions.

When you're done, simply throw out only the pod. Your adapter is good for at least another 1,499 cups of coffee.

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