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I've just bought coffee pods. Now what?

Here are a few simple suggestions for enjoying a great cup of coffee.

    • Mesh filters allow water to escape during the brew process. This can result in a weak brew.

    • If your single serve brewer requires an adapter, Asplund Coffee recommends our single serve brew adapter.


    • Why? Because it contains the water during the brew process to capture the rich taste of our fair trade, organic, sustainable, and kosher specialty coffee blends.
    • And the single brew adapter is totally recyclable after at least 1,500 brews in your single serve brewer.
  • The amount of water used and the coffee roast level determine the strength of your coffee.


    • The top 2 complaints about single serve cups are taste (too weak) and the plastic container (not recyclable).
      • Asplund Coffee pods are freshly blended and ground for a more concentrated brew.

      • Roast levels are dark, medium, and light.

  • Don't stuff the pod too tightly in the single brew adapter. It isn't necessary. Just pinch into a small ball and place inside adapter.



Still have questions? Use the contact form and send us your question. We're happy to help you enjoy your coffee experience!





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