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Hot Shots

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Asplund Coffee introduces Hot Shotstm-symbol.jpg Coffee pods! One of first coffees in single brew fully compostable pods for use in any K-cuptm-symbol.jpg or single-serve brewer. We recommend using The Green Cuptm-symbol.jpg adaptor to capture the full flavor of Hot Shotstm-symbol.jpg coffee pods.

  • Hot Shotstm-symbol.jpg come in natural unbleached filters and recyclable tin canisters. Each Hot Shotstm-symbol.jpg pod has a lower per cup cost than most K-cupstm-symbol.jpg .
  • 12 pods per tin.
  • Hot Shotstm-symbol.jpg are certified Fair Trade Organic, Sustainable, and Kosher.
  • Choose from French Roast, Sumatra Blue, Vanilla Hazelnut, Ethiopian, Northshore, Breakfast Blend, Kona Kaui*, and Sumatra Blue Decaf.

*Kona Kaui is considered FTO because it is produced with fair wages in Hawaii.

Brew Instructions and FAQs

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