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The Coffee

Why our coffee feels as good as it tastes.

We are committed to doing what’s right in this beautiful coffee-loving world of ours. So imagine with each sip the faraway lands where the beans were grown. Experience the joy of knowing you’re supporting local growers and the environment. And feel our passion for sharing our coffee with you.

Then brew, sip, savor, and feel good about it all.

 Coffee Grading and Classification

Before any coffee is sold it is classified by the number of defects, screen size, and cup quality.  The defect count is supposed to give a general idea of the quality of the cup.  Two green coffee classification methods have been described here.  The SCAA Green Coffee Classification Method is excellent for specialty green coffee beans, whereas the Brazilian/New York Green Coffee Classification Method is more precise, but also more time consuming.

For more information, view the Screen size classification chart, Green Coffee Buying Guide, or view pictures of the common coffee defects.







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